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Dot Com Brains AdWords Display Management




Save Time and Enjoy the Benefits of Integrated Display Network Campaigns

  • ROI-driven approach to AdWords management
  • Targeted ads on industry related websites
  • Target prospects with specific ads after they exit
  • Granular targeting capabilities to ensure a high ROI
  • Complete tracking of calls and online conversions



Don’t Just Wait for your Prospects to Find You

The Google Display Network helps you generate awareness by getting your ads in front of consumers so they can learn about your business as they consider their options.

The more that people research your business category, the more important it is for your products or services to stand out from the crowd.


Benefits Included in All AdWords Display Management Plans



Full Installation of Goal Setting and Google Analytics

In order to best track all actions that happened beyond the click we install Goal Setting free of charge as well as Google Analytics.

It’s essential for campaign optimization and profitability that we are able to know what the final outcome of our AdWords campaign is.

With our tracking efforts we can track:

• Country wise response / Local City wise response

• Keywords Wise Responses

• Bounce Rate

• Adwords Performance.

It’s a requirement from the beginning that we can install some kind of tracking on your website. If not, we will not be able to set a goal for ROI, but will instead focus on clicks etc.

Migration of AdWords with Google Analytics

One of the first things we look at when conducting our initial research, is whether or not you have Google Analytics already installed on your website.

If you don’t have Google Analytics installed, we will offer to install it for free and link it up with your Google AdWords account.

Migrating AdWords and Google Analytics has several advantages:

• See the time spent, number of pages visited, bounce rate and other key metrics used to gauge user interaction

• See referral websites

• Complete traffic sources for your website

And many other additional website metrics to best understand your users’ behavior.

Competitor, Market and Industry Research

In order to get the best start on your AdWords campaigns, we will spend a significant amount of time researching your competitors, market and overall industry.

Having good insight to the market you’re trying to reach is key in developing successful AdWords campaigns.

Even though we can’t become experts in every industry, we can however get great insights into almost any industry through research and getting feedback from you as a business owner.

Target users after they exit with Remarketing for Display

Remarketing lists are intended to tag users from your websites so you can target them with the most relevant ads after leaving your website.

A remarketing list can for instance target users who put something in the shopping cart, but didn’t finish the purchase or users who visited a certain category, but didn’t purchase anything.

Remarketing lists can either be built through Google Analytics or Remarketing tags installed on your website.

We will use Remarketing as a part of a complete Display Network strategy to increase the overall amount of conversions and visits to your website.

Scheduled Optimizations and Reporting Every Month

After activating your AdWords campaign, the real battle then begins. As time consuming as it is to create a new AdWords campaign, it’s in the immediate following months that the true value of professional AdWords management occurs.

By systematically optimizing your AdWords campaigns using proven methods and internal tools, we’re 100% sure to see an improvement in your campaign results in the following months after activating your campaign. We will follow up with a monthly report containing:

• The previous month’s results

• Comments and observations from your SEM Strategist

• Thoughts on your goals moving forward

• Statistics for the top-performing areas of your campaigns

This allows us complete transparency as well as thorough collaboration at least once a month. When certain statistics or campaign elements need to be discussed, It’s like having us sit right next to you.

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