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Enjoy the Benefits of Professional AdWords Management



  • ROI-driven approach to AdWords campaign management
  • AdWords strategies tailored for All businesses
  • Specific experience with promoting each businesses
  • Complete tracking of Google Adwords campaign performance
  • Ongoing optimization of key AdWords ranking factors



Get Started The Right Way With Google AdWords

It is tough to break into the Google search results via AdWords if you’re a already running a business. The experts cost too much money and you don’t have the time or skills to do it yourself.

To better serve the growing list of businesses we’ve developed the Dot Com Brains AdWords Plan that allows you to get the most out of your AdWords budget.

Discover how effective a carefully thought out strategy can be fit for your business in driving leads with.


Proven Strategies We Use For Yout Businesses To Achieve AdWords Success


Keywords, Ads and Settings Specific for Small Businesses

  • Keywords with low CPCs and high engagement levels are preferred to generic keywords
  • Best practices for ad writing to increase conversions
  • Targeted geo-targeting ensures that you’re only shown for users who can actually order your service-.


Target Customers on the Go with Google Mobile Ads

  • Have Leads Click-to-Call You for the same Price as a Click
  • Show Directions Directly in Your AdWords Ads
  • Show Specific Ads for Smartphone Users
  • Bid Management Focused on Maximizing ROI from Mobile Ads


Benefits Included in Dot Com Brains AdWords Management Plans



Full Installation of Goal Setting and Google Analytics

In order to best track all actions that happened beyond the click we install Goal Setting free of charge as well as Google Analytics.

It’s essential for campaign optimization and profitability that we are able to know what the final outcome of our AdWords campaign is.

With our tracking efforts we can track:

• Country wise response / Local City wise response

• Keywords Wise Responses

• Bounce Rate

• Adwords Performance.

It’s a requirement from the beginning that we can install some kind of tracking on your website. If not, we will not be able to set a goal for ROI, but will instead focus on clicks etc.

CLick-to-Call Links Directly in your Google Mobile Ads

One of the unique benefits of advertising for mobile devices is the fact that your prospects are already holding the phone in their hand and they just need to make one click to call you. We will implement click-to-call functionality on both your ads and mobile website to drive in as many calls as possible.

Competitor, Market and Industry Research

In order to get the best start on your AdWords campaigns, we will spend a significant amount of time researching your competitors, market and overall industry.

Having good insight to the market you’re trying to reach is key in developing successful AdWords campaigns.

Even though we can’t become experts in every industry, we can however get great insights into almost any industry through research and getting feedback from you as a business owner.

Extensive Keyword Research Focused on Leads and Sales

• When we take over your AdWords campaign, we will spend time analyzing your account in order to discover your most profitable keywords.

• Subsequently, we will perform extensive keyword research where we focus on keywords that are most-likely to result in leads and sales for you. This is done while still striking a balance between volume of clicks, specificity and purchase-focused keywords.

Scheduled Optimizations and Reporting Every Month

After activating your AdWords campaign, the real battle then begins. As time consuming as it is to create a new AdWords campaign, it’s in the immediate following months that the true value of professional AdWords management occurs.

By systematically optimizing your AdWords campaigns using proven methods and internal tools, we’re 100% sure to see an improvement in your campaign results in the following months after activating your campaign. We will follow up with a monthly report containing:

• The previous month’s results

• Comments and observations from your SEM Strategist

• Thoughts on your goals moving forward

• Statistics for the top-performing areas of your campaigns

This allows us complete transparency as well as thorough collaboration at least once a month.

When certain statistics or campaign elements need to be discussed, It’s like having us sit right next to you.

MKcjAdiqxContinuous A/B Split-Testing of Ad Copy
MKcjAdiqxCustomized AdWords Settings
MKcjAdiqxCampaign Setup with Local Geo-Targeting
MKcjAdiqxAdWords Ad Extensions for Local Businesses
MKcjAdiqxHand-Written Ad Copy Focused on Generating Lead and Sale